Mr. Bernstein

As we reflect tomorrow on our fulfilled dream of a full size people's truce monument welcomed to Wembley for the final of the most esteemed Cup Final in the world, we look not just forward, but in all directions towards peace.

At the dawn of our coming together to acknowledge not only the power of football to banish borders and find new fields, like those boys who stepped out from behind their entrenched fear we stood alone, but we immediately found a champion, bold yet humble, and a man of his word. A man to lead and a man much missed as a figurehead of our game.

When I saw the BBC and ITV interviews with David Bernstein talking about the corruption affronting our beautiful game and behind him the boys of the ALL TOGETHER NOW original maquette on his sideboard I thought of the saying "Judge a man by his friends". Those soldiers of WW1 who saw equality and common humanity in the thick stench of the bloodiest greed led war, who stepped out and stood up have a special ally and supporter in Mr Bernstein. He propelled us with his unhesitant support to where we take up our poignant position tomorrow and as one of the boys who has returned from Belgium crying "All Together Now" with eternal fervour, I salute him today, tomorrow and yesterday.

We have already won the greatest prize.

Love, respect and peace,


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David Bernstein: Uefa could boycott the World Cups


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