From No Man's Land with love

"Let all tricksters, tyrants, traitors and backbiters be still. A light has come forth from the darkness"

When Happy Christmas (War Is Over) comes on the radio and John sings, "So this is Christmas and what have you done?" We really have to ask ourselves, because 100 years after the 'War to End all Wars' and160 million dead children later, this can't go on. The First World War was not what the revisionist media describe as 'lest we forget, a noble sacrifice', it was the organised industrial slaughter of working class boys for national 'pride' and let's not ever forget, MONEY. The first British batallion to be sent out to WW1 went where? Belgium? NO, Basra - to protect Britain's colonial oil interests from the Berlin to Baghdad railway being constructed. To stop another rich empire stealing what our rich empire was already committed to exploiting. In many ways, nothing has changed. But what can we do? What can we, who are still made to feel powerless by the same corporate empires today do? LOADS. Work for peace in everything you do. Talk peace, imagine peace, don't be embarrassed by saying love and peace, wear stuff for peace, stay in bed for peace, give something away for peace. If everone demanded peace rather than a new this or that, there would absolutely be peace. These times are about looking to live happier with less rather than craving more, and this is a change each of us can make and has massive power to spread, and eventually, we might stop stealing resources off other countries, actually learn to enjoy sharing as nations and individuals, see an end to conflict and hate and start reparing our relations with other countries, other people, start repairing the planet and repairing our own DNA. The All Together Now statue like the song are just a humble effort to focus the feelings you already have. Please follow its story because you are part of it. This is just the beginning we promise you. Stay #alltogethernow War is over, if you want it.

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