Charley's War - a challenge to the Revisionist Spin on the Great War

Just back from giving a public lecture at the University of Liverpool. Excellent turn out, and my thanks to everyone who came along. In my talk I covered how the Revisionist historians have successfully turned the organized slaughter of WW1 into a noble sacrifice. And they haven't finished with us yet. I just know they are going to spin the massacres of the Battle of the Somme into something else for 2016. These are clever and ruthless people who know the truth but choose to ignore it. And they're good at what they do. Especially when no one in the State-directed media is ever allowed to challenge them.

Their suppression of the truth includes the dissenting words of the last Tommy, Harry Patch, massive arms trading between Britain and Germany during the war, British atrocities against civilians, and cocaine issued to the troops to help them go over the top.

However, on the positive side, I related how British soldiers stopped the war in Russia, while German sailors helped bring it to an end in France.

And I described Lord Grey's role as a British Machiavelli in starting the war, and Haig murdering his soldiers in industrial quantities. Both were clearly war criminals who should have faced a war crimes tribunal at the end of the war. But most important of all, I mentioned the debunking of the myth of Belgian neutrality. Britain was in a secret military alliance with Belgium since 1906.

My talk should be available as a podcast on the millsverse in the New Year.

I felt rather despondent afterwards because my conclusion was that the State had won. After all, the Revisionists are the voice of the State. And I realised we really do live in Stasi Land, because no alternative voice can ever reach a mass audience, except - if we are lucky - we might hear a few excellent words from Stop the War activist Neil Faulkner on the radio. Otherwise there is a media blackout on any criticism which currently even extends to Blackadder! I began to regret using the polite word 'spin' to describe the Revisionists. Surely a stronger word is required for those who defend mass murderers like Haig and Grey?

Then I got talking to a Professor at Liverpool Uni who confirmed the sinister truth about the Dardanelles campaign, which I already knew but thought was completely suppressed. Namely, that the campaign was set up to fail so that Russia wouldn't get Constantinople. Britain had promised the warm water port to the autocracy but didn't want to go through on the deal. So all those Anzac troops were deliberately sacrificed.

Apparently, Australian historians know this and are now covering it. That's excellent news. Watch out for 2015 and the anniversary of the Dardanelles campaign. Try 'spinning' your way out of that, Revisionists.

The day after the lecture I went down to the famous bombed out church in Liverpool to see Tom Calderbank, who organises events there, and I also met a Veteran for Peace and his wife. The Veteran told me how he went to Harry Patch's funeral. Harry had specifically said he did not want a state funeral, but the British Stasi still nfiltrated the ceremony and tried to make Harry appear to be part of the noble sacrifice.

The highlight of my day was meeting Tom, who grew up reading Charley's War. The series has been a major influence on him. In the church he had a fantastic statue of the 1914 truce with volumes of CW lined up below it. He gave talks to school kids about the need for peace and how ordinary people do not want war. Afterwards the kids' teachers went off to buy copies of CW. I only wish there was a cheaper edition with bright covers, as in France. CW was always intended for kids first.

Anyway, from this and numerous other examples, I was reminded that ordinary people are not taken in by Revisionism and the truth is getting out there at grass roots level. There are four years to go and the spin doctors just may not get away with it. After all, the crimes of British leaders against children are now being exposed. Perhaps the crimes of British leaders against our forefathers will be next.

Maybe there is hope - even in Stasi Land

By Pat Mills, Dec 20 2014

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